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UGC NET CS JUNE 2014 PAPER - III (51-60)

51.             The pure object oriented programming language with extensive metadata available and modifiable at run time is
(A)         Small talk          (B)       C++     (C)       Java     (D) Eiffel

52.             Match the following interfaces of Java. Servlet package :
List – I      List – II
a.    Servlet Config           i. Enables Servlets to log events
b.   Servlet Context         ii. Read data from a client
c.    Servlet Request         iii. Write data to  a client
d.   Servlet                       iv. To get Response     initialization parameters 
            Codes :
a             b          c          d
(A)         iii           iv         ii          i
(B)         iii           ii          iv         i            
(C)         ii            iii         iv         i
(D)         iv           i           ii          iii

53.             The syntax of capturing events method for document object is
(A)         CaptureEvents()
(B)         CaptureEvents(Orgs eventType)
(C)         CaptureEvents(eventType)
(D)         CaptureEvents(eventVal)

54.             Linking to another place in the same or another webpage require two A (Anchor) tags, the first with the ________ attribute and the second with the _________ attribute.
(A)         NAME & LINK
(B)         LINK & HREF
(C)         HREF & NAME
(D)         TARGET & VALUE

55.             Given an image of size 1024 × 1024 pixels in which intensity of each pixel is an 8-bit quality. It requires _______ of storage space if the image is not compressed.
(A)         one Terabyte
(B)         one Megabyte
(C)         8 Megabytes
(D)         8 Terabytes 

56.             Match the following cryptographic algorithms with their design issues :
               List – I            List – II
a.       DES                i. Message Digest
b.       AES                ii.Public Key
c.       RSA                iii. 56-bit key
d.      SHA-1             iv. 128-bit key  Codes :
   a          b          c          d
(A)         ii            i           iv         iii
(B)         iii           i           iv         ii           
(C)         iii           iv         ii          i
(D)         iv           i           ii          iii

57.             Consider a code with five valid code words of length ten :
          0000000000, 0000011111, 1111100000, 1110000011, 1111111111
          Hamming distance of the code is
(A)         5            (B)       10        (C)       8          (D) 9
Given marks to all

58.             Which of the following special cases does not require reformulation of the problem in order to obtain a solution ?
(A)         Alternate optimality
(B)         Infeasibility
(C)         Unboundedness
(D)         All of the above 

59.             The given maximization assignment problem can be converted into a minimization problem by
(A)         subtracting each entry in a column from the maximum value in that column.
(B)         subtracting each entry in the table from the maximum value in that table.
(C)         adding each entry in a column from the maximum value in that column.
(D)         adding maximum value of the table to each entry in the table. 

60.         The initial basic feasible solution of the following transportion problem : 


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